Moving Furniture in SineSpace

Moving Furniture in SineSpace

This video teaches you about placing and moving furniture in SineSpace using the Room Editor. It covers rotating and scaling, and offers a few extra tips to help make the job easier. In the outdoor portion of the tutorial (shown above), it demonstrates placing and moving furniture in SineSpace, as well as rotating and scaling. …

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Using the Garage and Doors

Using The Garage And Doors

This video walks you through using the garage and doors in the Fairfield Deluxe 3BR home and region. It also show how to use the SineSpace Room Editor to place furniture objects. Click To Open And Close The process couldn’t be easier. I designed the garage and doors in the house to open and close …

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Adjusting Lighting and Materials

Adjusting Lights And Materials

This video below shows you the process of adjusting lighting and swapping materials in SineSpace. Not all SineSpace regions offer the features – a content creator needs to design their build specifically to allow it. It was shot in the Fairfield Deluxe home & region and also features several of my materials packs. The video …

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Day and Night Settings Test

Day and Night Settings Test

This is a really quick and simple video, my day and night settings test in the Fairfield Deluxe home and region after the big update. This is the same day and night settings feature that I use in the Italian Courtyard. The region defaults to daytime lighting. You can then change to three different fixed …

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Workshop with post processing and baked lighting

Post Processing in SineSpace

In this post, I want to show you how to use post processing in SineSpace – easily one of the most impactful techniques that you can use to improve the visuals of the regions (or scenes) you build for SineSpace in Unity.

BlakOpal mix and match clothing

BlakOpal Mix & Match Clothing

This mix and match clothing video showcases a number of BlakOpal Designs creations in motion. It also shows off the ability to mix and match clothing items in SineSpace (a virtual world built on the Unity engine). The clothing features PBR (physically based rendering) materials which look great in different lighting conditions. Some piece also feature cloth physics which …

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Marisol Dress and Marla Boots in action

Marisol Party Dress in SineSpace

The Marisol party dress from BlakOpal Designs… A flirty little sequined party dress with bold graphics, designed to give a smile and turn heads. See it in motion above, and also scroll down for more info and to see the different versions. Created with shiny metallic sequins, as a result it glints and gleams as …

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Speedtree 8 for Unity

Speedtree 8 arrives for Unity 2018.3

After a lengthy delay that I talked about last week, Speedtree 8 arrives for Unity 2018.3 today. If you are already a subscriber, you just get access to the new version and use your account login just like you did before. Update – Speedtree 8.4 is now available, read all about it here. A Slightly …

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