Using The Garage And Doors

This video walks you through using the garage and doors in the Fairfield Deluxe 3BR home and region. It also show how to use the SineSpace Room Editor to place furniture objects.

Click To Open And Close

The process couldn’t be easier. I designed the garage and doors in the house to open and close with a simple click.

Using the Garage Door

Placing Furniture

In addition to using the garage and doors, the video also shows how to place some basic furniture. In this case, a lemon tree. One subtle feature of the region to call out, I’ve set it up to have a ‘wind zone’ set to a gentle breeze. Any trees that you place which support the standard wind zones should move and flow naturally like the others in the scene.

Placing A Tree

I recorded the video in the Fairfield Deluxe 3BR home and region (click here to preview on the SineSpace web shop) and also the Lemon Tree with fruit by Trilo Byte Design. The video was recorded using the client version 2019.1b7.

In order to record at a decent speed, it was necessary to use 720p resolution. If you are able to use SineSpace at higher resolutions, the Room Editor’s floating panels will take up less space and as a result it will be much easier to see everything.

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