How To Use The Extra Pattern System

How To Use The Extra Pattern System

In this tutorial, I show SineSpace content creators how to use the new Extra Pattern System. This way, they can easily add color and design variations to make it easier for customers to shop. It will also reduce jamming up the shop with nearly identical listings. Extra Pattern For Extra Efficient Listings The shopping experience …

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Unity 2019.3 Release

Unity 2019.3 Released

After months of fairly extensive testing, Unity 2019.3 has been released. This is a fairly significant release for Unity with a bunch of great features and improvements, and caps off the 2019 tech release cycle. I’m looking forward to someday being able to use this with SineSpace. Realtime Cinema Rocks Unity also recently released the …

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How To Create Regions

How To Create Regions

New SineSpace users need to know that everybody starts out with a FREE region. Coming from a previous generation world where having your own personal space required either pricey subscriptions, rentals or both – that’s huge! I wanted to put together a quick tutorial to show you how to create regions, how to swap a …

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DexSoft Talks About Making Vehicles

DexSoft Talks About Making Vehicles

Over at 80 Level, DexSoft founder Dejan Cicic talks about making vehicles. It’s an interesting interview, he talks about the process of modeling and texturing as well as making them for SineSpace. He’s got some great advice for makers who are just starting out. Watching your poly count, creating LOD models and being mindful of …

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SineSpace Installation Videos

SineSpace Installation Videos

This week, I created a series of three SineSpace installation videos. They’re aimed at making things easier for new creators to get started, and cover the three most frequently used types of installs. They Include What Others Don’t There are some really great videos on the SineSpace Youtube channel. I have been following it for …

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Adjusting Windows and Lighting

Adjusting Windows and Daytime Lighting

Learn how to adjust windows and daytime lighting in this SineSpace tutorial. Check out the video, or read through the steps below to see how easy it is to get great results on regions that support adjustable lighting and materials. Region Support Required Users can’t just randomly adjust the windows and daytime lighting in any …

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