Setting Up Boots and Heels in SineSpace

SineSpace boots and heels guide

Boots and shoes with heels require a little more work than regular clothing to set up properly in space. Fortunately, it’s easy to do and with this tutorial you should be able to get great results in no time.

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Not That Sort Of Operation

this is not that sort of operation

I can appreciate that some people are interested in me providing them with free personal, private 1-on-1 training, instruction, and assistance… but as Sparkle Kitty says in the poster above, this is not that sort of operation. If you would like to hire me for your project, then by all means let’s talk. Please use […]

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How to change avatar gender in SineSpace

If you like to mix things up, roleplay, or just simply buy gifts for friends who are a different gender, it can be confusing. Have no fear, changing genders in SineSpace is easy, this video will show you how!

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Using Substances with SineSpace

If you are coming from a previous generation virtual world or an environment that does not make use of PBR (physically based rendering) materials, it can be just one more confusing thing to wrap your head around as you learn how to use Unity to make content in SineSpace. Make no mistake, learning to use […]

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SineSpace Attachment Tutorial

There are two types of wearable items in SineSpace. Most clothing is rigged and fits your avatar automatically. Attachments are different. They are not rigged, and you can adjust the fit. Adjusting attachments in SineSpace is easy. Once you put the item on, you will see buttons to let you adjust the position, rotation, and […]

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