Day and Night Settings Test

This is a really quick and simple video, my day and night settings test in the Fairfield Deluxe home and region after the big update. This is the same day and night settings feature that I use in the Italian Courtyard.

The region defaults to daytime lighting. You can then change to three different fixed times of day – sunrise, sunset, or night. Additionally, you can change to a dynamic day/night cycle where the sun rises, sets, and moves across the sky. Users can choose from a 3, 6, 12 or 24 hour day. Shorter days make for more beautiful sunrises and sunsets! It was coincidental that all 4 cycles were in the middle of the night when I recorded the day and night settings test. Click here for my tutorial on how to change daytime lighting.

Photos Don’t Do It Justice

I’ve posted some pictures of how users can change the lighting in the region before, but I don’t think still pictures do it justice. The video shows how easy it is and also how the whole environment changes. Above all, I hope my day and night settings test gives you a better idea of how this works.

Available Now

You can get the Fairfield Deluxe home and region in SineSpace now – click here to check out a preview on the SineSpace web shop.

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