Setting Up Boots and Heels in SineSpace

SineSpace boots and heels guide

Boots and shoes with heels require a little more work than regular clothing to set up properly in space. Fortunately, it’s easy to do and with this tutorial you should be able to get great results in no time.

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Tropical Enclave Work-In-Progress

Tropical Enclave Work In Progress

The blog has been quiet, but I have been busy lately. Aside from work on the BlakOpal site, there has been a fair amount of mad science, and I’ve been working on a new tutorial or two to join the ranks of How To Send A Gift, How To Change Gender, Using Substances, and others. […]

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Speedtree 8 Finally Comes To Unity

Speedtree 8 For Games

Man, this news has certainly been a long time coming! Speedtree first announced version 8 of their modeler and engine for the Lumberyard game engine back in early 2017 (I kid you not). It’s finally coming to Unity later this month! For those of you not familiar with Speedtree, check out their 2018 VFX showreel. […]

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Not That Sort Of Operation

this is not that sort of operation

I can appreciate that some people are interested in me providing them with free personal, private 1-on-1 training, instruction, and assistance… but as Sparkle Kitty says in the poster above, this is not that sort of operation. If you would like to hire me for your project, then by all means let’s talk. Please use […]

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Using The Holiday Tree

This video demonstrates how to use the Holiday Tree in SineSpace. Recorded in SineSpace client app, version 2018 10b31

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How To Send A Gift

Buying a gift for a friend in SineSpace is easy, this video will show you how! Recorded in SineSpace client app, version 2018 10b17

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How to change avatar gender in SineSpace

If you like to mix things up, roleplay, or just simply buy gifts for friends who are a different gender, it can be confusing. Have no fear, changing genders in SineSpace is easy, this video will show you how!

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