Tirana Sunrise

Tirana Rainbow Forest

The second alien world I wanted to explore in SineSpace is the Tirana Rainbow Forest. It features multiple bases, adjustable lighting and materials and dramatic color changes in the rainbow forest. This would make anything from a great home space to backdrop for a shooter game or even a setting for real-time cinema projects. Smaller …

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Ridge At Sunset

Erial Wastelands Region

For my first alien world in SineSpace, I have created the Erial Wastelands Region. This massive empty space serves as a large canvas for users to create their own adventures. When Size Matters Let me dive into some of the nuts and bolts of the region. First and foremost is the size. It comes in …

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Get Started with MicroSplat

Get Started with MicroSplat in SineSpace

Now that Sine Wave is adding support for Jason Booth’s fantastic MicroSplat terrain shading system, I wanted to put together a quick tutorial. Let me help you get started with MicroSplat in SineSpace. Let’s Get Started With MicroSplat! Diving right in, I am using a test region that I created in Unity 2018.4. I have …

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SineSpace Adding MicroSplat Support For Creators

SineSpace Adding MicroSplat Support For Creators

SineSpace posted some interesting news to their Discord Server this week. They are adding Unity terrain asset MicroSplat to the whitelist. SineSpace adding MicroSplat support for creators is a big deal, since it will give SineSpace makers the ability to use this great tool in their regions and the region templates they offer for sale. …

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