BlakOpal Mix & Match Clothing

This mix and match clothing video showcases a number of BlakOpal Designs creations in motion. It also shows off the ability to mix and match clothing items in SineSpace (a virtual world built on the Unity engine).

The clothing features PBR (physically based renderingmaterials which look great in different lighting conditions. Some piece also feature cloth physics which flows and moves with your avatar – and looks great!. For users, clothes are ‘click to wear’ and as a result automatically adjusts to fit. You can easily mix and match clothing, then easily save your own outfit combos to create your own unique looks.

Shot on location on the live grid in SineSpace, in the BlakOpal’s Nook region in May 2018. I have since updated and replaced it with the Italian Courtyard, a region template that you can get in the SineSpace shop.

I do plan on going back to shoot more video, as well as making another BlakOpal Mix and Match clothing video. I’m waiting on long-awaited improvements to the camera controls which are expected in an upcoming release.

Music: U2 “Even Better Than The Real Thing (Apollo 440 Stealth Sonic Remix)

Dances: DeLandria
Hair: Newsea
Avatar & Skin: SineSpace default

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