Moving Furniture in SineSpace

This video teaches you about placing and moving furniture in SineSpace using the Room Editor. It covers rotating and scaling, and offers a few extra tips to help make the job easier.

Adjusting Rotation

In the outdoor portion of the tutorial (shown above), it demonstrates placing and moving furniture in SineSpace, as well as rotating and scaling. There are a couple tips to help you deal with mistakes and evenly adjusting the scale.

Turn Off Snapping

Once indoors, the tutorial shows some additional tips for moving furniture. Turning off snapping and using the transform component settings can help you save a lot of time. The video should help you make short work of adding new pieces, or adjusting the placement of existing pieces in your region, and with a little practice you’ll be moving furniture in SineSpace like a pro.

Customization Is Key

The Room Editor is awkward to use at first, but as you get more familiar with it the controls will become more comfortable. As Sine Wave updates the client and refines the interface as well as the camera controls, things will continue to get easier.

What I really love about the tool is that it provides a fairly easy way for the average user to customize their homes and regions. Customization is key, and I think placing and moving furniture in SineSpace is one of the fastest ways to get there. When you think about 100 different people all using the same house, that sounds pretty boring. But when you add the ability to change the colors of the paint or plaster, the windows, the carpets and floors, things get a lot more interesting. Now add the multitudes of different kinds of furniture and decor, and the possibilities are endless.

Video Details

I recorded the video in the Fairfield Deluxe home and region (click here to preview on the SineSpace web shop) and also features a few different furniture items by TBD. The video was recorded using the client version 2019.1b7.

In order to record at a decent speed, it was necessary to use 720p resolution. If you are able to use higher resolutions, the Room Editor’s floating panels will take up less space and as a result it will be much easier to see everything as you’re moving furniture in SineSpace.

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