DexSoft Talks About Making Vehicles

DexSoft Talks About Making Vehicles

Over at 80 Level, DexSoft founder Dejan Cicic talks about making vehicles. It’s an interesting interview, he talks about the process of modeling and texturing as well as making them for SineSpace. He’s got some great advice for makers who are just starting out. Watching your poly count, creating LOD models and being mindful of …

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Unity 2018.4LTS and SineSpace

Unity 2018.4LTS and SineSpace

Today, Unity released a new Long Term Support release and that’s pretty good news. This post explains Unity 2018.4LTS and SineSpace, and why it will matter for a long time to a number of content creators. A Bit Of Background Understanding how Unity version numbers work can be confusing for new users. Believe it or …

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Water Zone Tutorial

How to create a Water Zone for SineSpace

This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to create a water zone for SineSpace. Once you do this, users who go underwater in your regions will see awesome aquatic effects. It also enables you to create buoyant objects that float on the surface, and let users make use of boats and other functions. …

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