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Substance Alchemy Now Available

Substance Alchemist Now Available For Subscribers

Probably the biggest news out of the Substance keynote at GDC yesterday was that the Substance Alchemist beta is now available for subscribers. This program lets creators easily make new substances using either photos or existing substances… or both with an easy-to-use interface. This amazing tool will help artists and SineSpace creators to make and …

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BlakOpal Levant Suit

Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic

In news that is sure to make Adobe-haters everywhere fill with rage, Adobe has announced that they are acquiring Substance Painter & Designer manufacturer Allegorithmic…

Substance Tutorial

Using Substances with SineSpace

Building a region for SineSpace is easy at first, but can get complicated quickly. There is a lot to learn, and as you add items the filesize of your region quickly starts to expand. Learning to use substances with SineSpace is a great way to keep your region size under control, and is definitely worth …

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