Rogue Pirate Coat

Rogue Pirate Coat in purple

The Rogue Pirate Coat from BlakOpal Designs an open front Pirate coat with leather and mesh detailing, large cuffs, and also soft coat tails. It features a high quality model and uses advanced materials.

In addition, the piece features cloth physics where available. As a result, coat tails will move wth your avatar as you walk, run, jump, fly, or dance around in-world.

Rogue Pirate Ent
The Rogue Pirate Coat is ready for adventure!

Available Now for Male and Female Avatars

The Rogue Pirate Coat is available now in a variety of colors, and in versions for male and female avatars. Click here to preview the men’s coat, and click here to preview the ladies’ coat on the SineSpace web shop. The photos show the coat worn with our Pirate Poet Shirt, but you can mix and match with other clothes in your wardrobe. You can buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Rogue Pirate Coat in motion
Looks great coming…
Rogue Pirate Coat in motion
…or going
Rogue Pirate Waterfall

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