BlakOpal Darla Skirt

Introducing the BlakOpal Darla Skirt. This is a short, flirty tartan plaid mini skirt. It features high quality model, advanced materials and cloth physics (where available).

Advanced Materials Are Amazing

BlakOpal and I make a wide variety of art in the real and also the digital worlds. We love working with different tools and materials. I love how light shines, illuminates, and reflects off different surfaces. Take a look at the Darla Plaid in the video above or in the pictures below. That tartan plaid skirt has the look of woven cloth.

Previous generation worlds like Second Life made an effort to support advanced materials. However, they fell short of a truly PBR (physically based rendering) model. It was pretty good at the time, but relied on tricks that designers pulled to force an item to look like it was in a particular environment. The results looked great in certain places, but not so great everywhere else.

SineSpace and Unity do support PBR, so our advanced materials render accurately in real-time. Consequently, the lights and shadows aren’t painted or baked on. Whether you’re outdoors, in a brightly lit room or at a virtual nightclub, the Rascal Platform Shoes look like they are actually in that environment.

  • Darla Skirt in red
  • Tartan pink
  • Tartan Green
  • Darla in Grey
  • Plaid brown
  • Plaid in blue

4K Materials Support

The Darla Tartan Skirt also features spectacular 4K resolution materials. SineSpace is introducing 4K support for clothing in the 2019.1b48 and later clients. Users with higher end desktop and laptop systems with fast connections will get more detail than ever!

The idea of creating or serving up content at such high resolution seemed unfathomable on previous generation worlds. Fortunately Unity is a modern game engine. The makers of SineSpace put a lot of thought into designing a grid for people who love virtual worlds. As a result, we can create better items. They load quickly on less powerful hardware, and deliver unparalleled quality on powerful systems.

Available Now

The Darla Skirt is now available in six colors in the BlakOpal Designs shoppe in-world. You can also find them using the Shop button in the SineSpace client. We also offer a bundle, so you can get the skirt in all 6 colors for one low price. Click here to take a look at the skirt in the web shop, or click here to check out the bundle. Buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend. The pieces look great as a set but you can also mix and match them to create countless different looks.

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