Antilles Pirate Outfit

BlakOpal Antilles Pirate Outfit
Antilles White-Red Outfit Bundle

Presenting the Antilles Pirate Outfit from BlakOpal Designs. Whether you’re plundering the Caribbean or sailing the seven seas this outfit will let you do it in style! The pieces are available as separates or there are a couple complete outfit bundles.

The bundles are available in white-red or red-brown and come complete with 6 pieces: ruffled shirt, leather pants, leather boots, studded leather gloves and both a left and right eyepatch. Buy as a set for the savings, and then wear the pieces as you like (though we advise against wearing both eyepatches at the same time).

All the items are available now in the BlakOpal Designs shoppe in-world. You can also find them using the Shop button in the SineSpace client. Buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend. The pieces look great as a set but you can also mix and match them to create countless different looks. Read on for more details.

Antilles Red-Brown Outfit Bundle


A ruffle-front loose-fitting shirt with gathered cuffs. Created from a rough woven fabric with lots of top-stitching details. Designed to look great tucked into the BlakOpal Antilles Pants. Features high quality model and advanced materials. Available separately or in a bundle of the shirt in 5 colors for male avatars.


Leather pants suitable for plundering, loosely fitted at the waist, and cut short to tuck into boots … a great choice if you’re sailing the warm waters of the Caribbean, or if you happen to have a peg leg! Designed with BlakOpal Lace Front Boots in mind. Features high quality model and advanced materials. Available separately or in a bundle of the pants in 5 colors for male avatars. Click here to sneak a peek on the SineSpace web shop!


Antilles Pirate Gloves

A pair of fingerless leather gloves. Styled to be half-length, and trimmed with suede and brass brads. The perfect accessory to finish off the Antilles Pirate Outfit. Features high quality model and advanced materials. Available separately or in a bundle of the gloves in 4 colors for male avatars.


  • Eyepatch
  • Eyepatch Tan
  • Eyepatch Red
  • Eyepatch Brown
  • Eyepatch Black

Losing an eye doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, here at BlakOpal we make sure every infirmary is treated with the same eye for detail! This stylish eye patch uses the same high quality leather and detailed stitching that we use on our Antilles gloves, and course the metal rivet detailing will make other pirates drool with envy! You can easily adjust the size and position on your avatar when worn, so it will work with all shapes, sizes, and hairstyles. Features high quality model and advaned materials.

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