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This is a revival of the SineSpace Clothing Tutorial that I posted on Youtube in March of 2018. I eventually had to remove it, but I think now is the time to bring it back.

First, let me explain why I made the SineSpace Clothing Tutorial to begin with. SineSpace has a number of useful tutorials on their Youtube page. They even have a few tutorials on making clothing. Unfortunately, all of them fell short and didn’t quite get new makers from start to finish. I decided to fill that void and make a step-by-step tutorial.

Note for Editor Pack 14 Users

Update: Since this tutorial was first made more than a year ago and posted on this blog months ago, SineSpace has released Editor Pack 14. This no longer includes the generic t-shirt mentioned in that tutorial. If you don’t have your own content to import and start using, you don’t have far to look.

On the SineSpace Editor Pack ‘About’ box, you’ll find a section called Clothing & Avatar Resources (marked in red in the image above). Click that Browse button and you’ll be taken to a site with several different model templates to choose from. The About box pops up when you install the editor pack, and you can bring it up manually via the SineSpace menu in the Unity Editor.

The problem with being helpful

I soon ran into a couple different problems. A number of users followed the tutorial to the letter… and only created t-shirts using the exact same template model. It started innocently enough, with just a few new creators getting started. As time went by they kept filling the shop with more variations of the same generic t-shirt. Soon the marketplace was getting flooded with generic content. At the same time, it was crowding BlakOpal Designs clothing out. D’oh!

The other issue I ran into was one of invasion of space. Some individuals got the impression that since I posted a video on Youtube, I would be available at any hour for personal training. Please see this post for more information about that.

All About Solutions

I could solve both of those problems. SineSpace has revised the way the shop sorts items, which has helped. And now that I have this site up and running, I can provide additional information. That is exactly what I mean to do in this post.

If you are a new maker who wants to create items, but does not yet have the skills to make original content, I have a couple additional tips. First, don’t just copy the generic example. There is a much wider assortment of templates available for SineSpace creators making clothing for men and women. You can easily be more than the virtual equivalent of the generic t-shirt vendor at the mall.

My second tip is to dive in and start learning! You may know nothing, you may be old, you may be young. It doesn’t matter, you’re never too old or young to get started. And thanks to the internet and search engines, you can probably find tutorials covering most features on whatever modeling program you may be using. Don’t have any programs? Start with Blender – it’s free! Have something better? Great, you’re only a few internet searches away from tutorials to get you started on learning to use that software. My SineSpace clothing tutorial works on any clothing model, so once you start making stuff you can use it to get your items ready to wear in-world.

Current as of Editor Packs 12 and 13

This tutorial was made using Unity 2017.2.2 and the SineSpace Editor Pack 12p8. No other software or downloads are needed, every step is explained and demonstrated. Everything works in Editor Pack 13 (the current release), though things may change someday in a future update.

You can find info on Unity and the SineSpace Editor Pack here, and see my clothing layers and slots guide here. If you’d like to learn about the new Extra Pattern system, check out this post.

If you have questions or comments, please post in the comments below! If you want personal help or private training, please see this post. Good luck with your projects!

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