Burning Man Reveals Man Base Design

Burning Man Pavilion by day
Burning Man Pavilion by day, design by HYBYCOZO

This is pretty awesome news, and worth passing on. In a post on the Burning Man Journal, Burning Man reveals the man base design.

Man Pavilion at night, design by HYBYCOZO

I’m a fan of these artists’ work, and think this might be their biggest and best installation yet. I have to admit, though, that I liked the sketches submitted by all the other artists. Some were a little less feasible, and a couple were fairly abstract. I still thought each one had merits and hope to see them in one form or another someday.

This joins previous announcements about the 2019 temple and the 2019 art theme of Metamorphoses. I think it sets the stage for a pretty spectacular year.

For those coming from tech, this is the closest thing to building a virtual world in the real one. It’s no secret that Burning Man inspired Second Life. After years of participation I am still blown away by the amazing pieces and performances. This year’s man base design is no exception.

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