Adjusting Lighting and Materials

Adjusting Lights And Materials

This video below shows you the process of adjusting lighting and swapping materials in SineSpace. Not all SineSpace regions offer the features – a content creator needs to design their build specifically to allow it. It was shot in the Fairfield Deluxe home & region and also features several of my materials packs. The video …

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Get Started with MicroSplat

Get Started with MicroSplat in SineSpace

Now that Sine Wave is adding support for Jason Booth’s fantastic MicroSplat terrain shading system, I wanted to put together a quick tutorial. Let me help you get started with MicroSplat in SineSpace. Let’s Get Started With MicroSplat! Diving right in, I am using a test region that I created in Unity 2018.4. I have …

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Unity 2018.4LTS and SineSpace

Unity 2018.4LTS and SineSpace

Today, Unity released a new Long Term Support release and that’s pretty good news. This post explains Unity 2018.4LTS and SineSpace, and why it will matter for a long time to a number of content creators. A Bit Of Background Understanding how Unity version numbers work can be confusing for new users. Believe it or …

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Preserve Your Project Settings

How To Preserve Your Project Settings

If you have been experiencing your Unity Project Settings getting changed after installing a new version of SineSpace Editor Pack, then this post is just for you. This pro tip will show you how to preserve your project settings when you update. Quick And Easy It really is super simple. After you click on Assets …

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New Unity Hub

New Unity Hub, Who Dis?

This week, Unity released version 2019.1. It is packed full of all kinds of features that sound really great as you read their blog post. They’re not wrong, those are some pretty cool features and with each update the Unity engine gets better and better. If you are working on content for SineSpace, however, you …

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Water Zone Tutorial

How to create a Water Zone for SineSpace

This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to create a water zone for SineSpace. Once you do this, users who go underwater in your regions will see awesome aquatic effects. It also enables you to create buoyant objects that float on the surface, and let users make use of boats and other functions. …

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Extra Pattern System Tutorial

Clothing Extra Pattern System Tutorial

Do you want to make multiple variations of your clothing in SineSpace? If so, then this clothing extra pattern system tutorial is for you. Creators have had a way to apply different colors and even PBR materials maps to clothing items since 2017. It’s a little bit of extra work to learn this step, but …

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