FPS Map Contest Milestone Winners Announced

Milestone Winner Announced

Just as the deadline approached on the SineSpace FPS Map Contest, Sine Wave extended the deadline to the end of May. Subsequently, Milestone Prizes were created for entries submitted by the original deadline. Sine Wave announced the FPS Map Contest Milestone Winners this morning.

Check out the post on the official blog. SineSpace got some really great submissions already, and with another month to go I expect to see a lot more great stuff. Congrats to AnsHumanPadhi and the other milestone award winners! Check out a clip of that Milestone winning entry below:

Check It Out

I recommend signing up for SineSpace and downloading the client if you want to check out and play Build Kill Repeat. It’s free to play and above all it’s all kinds of fun!

If you want to try your hand at creating content and make your own levels – you can do that too! Milestone winners are all fine and good, but you still have a shot at the big prize! This post will help you get started with Unity and SineSpace. Here is another post about that $5000 FPS map contest, and of course you can get the official details here.

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