Our First Official Plug On Twitter

After more than 2 years and several milestones (first PBR clothing, first cloth physics, first user-created region with swappable materials, etc), we finally got our first official plug on Twitter on the SineSpace official account!

Our first official tweet

The folks at Sine Wave have been very kind to us in the past. They have featured our work in promotional materials, mentioned us in press releases, and featured us on the SineSpace blog. It’s great to finally get our first official plug on Twitter, considering how many virtual world users (and fellow creators) use the platform to connect with each other and discover things to explore. Aside from following this blog, you can also connect with us on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can find out more about our Dita Latex Outfit in this post. And check out the video below to see it in motion!

We are huge fans and believers in the power and possibilities of virtual worlds, and have been enjoying making content for them for more than ten years. Official plugs are all fine and good, but we’re here for the art and the adventures. BlakOpal and I hope people enjoy and use our creations in their own virtual adventures for many years to come!

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