Customizable Combat System Coming To SineSpace

As posted on the SineSpace official blog and on New World Notes, SineSpace has announced the imminent launch of Build Kill Repeat (or BKR for short). This grid-wide customizable combat system will let creators and users make and play to their heart’s content.

Build Kill Repeat - Customizable Combat System Coming To SineSpace
Get ready for the pew pew pew!

Not only is it an awesome idea, it shows off the power of the platform. BKR is being made by a SineSpace creator using the tools available in the SineSpace Editor Pack.

I’ve gotten a few glimpses at Build Kill Repeat. I can’t share any details, but I can say it looks pretty exciting. Look for the full announcement at next week’s launch. SineSpace has come a long way since open beta started, and things are ramping up quickly. If you’re a maker and want to find out how to get started, check out this post.

The timing couldn’t be better

The timing of the announcement and launch couldn’t be better. No, really. Next week is the Game Developer’s Conference 2019 in San Francisco. It’s one of, if not the world’s largest professional game industry event. The event is for game developers and game content makers, rather than game players. What better place to announce and promote your next generation virtual world and a grid-wide game that offers additional opportunities for content creators than at a conference with 28,000 makers?

With the humongous success of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends which blend aspects of combat, social, building and open worlds, I feel like a customizable combat system, and specifically Build Kill Repeat could be the start of something big.

As you can see from the flyer graphic above, they’re having a launch party at Unity‘s headquarters. That seems like kind of a big deal in itself. For more details on that and to RSVP if you’ll be in town, hit up the SineSpace blog post.

BlakOpal and I will be there, and look forward to meeting other SineSpace users, creators, and newcomers. We’ve been big fans of what Sine Wave is trying to do since we discovered it in 2016, and are really excited about this and other awesome things coming to SineSpace soon.

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