SineSpace is now on the Unity Asset Store

SineSpace is now on the Unity Asset Store

Another great announcement at this week’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco is that SineSpace is now available on the Unity Asset Store. This makes it easier for Unity developers and content creators to get their hands on the SineSpace Editor Pack. With it, they can bring their existing creations to SineSpace as well as create new content.

SineSpace makes a Great Side Hustle

A lot of the Unity developer community are essentially freelance artists or part-time staff, and from the conversations I had with people at GDC a number of them have plenty of creations they either never put to use in a paid project, or just made for fun. SineSpace offers developers another avenue for that content and another way to supplement their income.

Check this post for a walk-through on setting up. Creators who are already familiar with Unity should find things easy going. For logistical, security, performance or other reasons SineSpace doesn’t support 100% of all Unity features, but most (if not all) what is needed is there. A couple big standouts come to mind. Scripting – SineSpace doesn’t allow C# scripting on the ‘main grid’ for security purposes… but they do offer LUA scripting. Unity’s new render pipeline – the company is planning to wait until HDRP comes out of preview before tackling their implementation.

Not all third party assets are compatible. If an asset has runtime scripts, it needs to be whitelisted in order to work. Fortunately the list of compatible extensions already includes a number of great tools that work. By the way, if you find that a particular tool from the Asset Store work – please add it to that list.

Early Days Are An Early Opportunity

Yes, SineSpace is still in beta. And not some kind of ‘gmail beta’ where the product’s finished but they leave the beta sticker on for a few years after…. They are still working out big chunks of the UI, getting all the platforms to work (I can’t wait for the iOS client), and other important stuff. But there is already a lot of opportunity. From the numbers tossed around at GDC, they’re around 50K active users per month (and growing), and the average user’s monthly spend in-world is about $22 (that number is up from last year).

Getting in early also gives creators the opportunity to start building their virtual brand and reputation in-world. Since Sine Wave content goes through a review and approval process that screens out protected IP (meaning you won’t likely see unlicensed Dr. Who and Star Wars merch crowding the market anytime soon), it is something of a safe haven for indie artists and developers.

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