SineSpace Answering Questions on Reddit Today

SineSpace Answering Questions on Reddit Today

Sorry for the short notice… well, more like no advance notice… but SineSpace is Answering Questions on Reddit today in an Ask Me Anything event. Now, in fact, through 10AM PST. Go here to connect with the event and ask questions of Sine Wave Entertainment’s Chief Technical Officer and SineSpace lead developer Adam Frisby.

As you may know, they also recently launched on the Unity Asset Store and became a Unity partner. Check out Reddit to see what questions Sinespace answered or to ask your own. Then after that watch the video from the launch party below.

Sine Wave CEO Rohan Freeman announces the Unity partnership and FPS map contest and chats with legendary game designer Erik Wolpaw at the launch event held at Unity HQ

SineSpace is an exciting platform with a bright future ahead of it. Content creators can use it to showcase their work, as well as make and sell virtual goods for real money.

Want to know more about the virtual world they are building? why SineSpace is built on Unity? How to get started making content using the Unity Editor and your favorite software? How about that FPS map contest? This is a great place to ask. I love that SineSpace is answering questions on Reddit. It’s a good sign that developers are taking time out of their schedules to connect with content creators.

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