Substance Alchemist Now Available For Subscribers

Substance Alchemist Now Available

Probably the biggest news out of the Substance keynote at GDC yesterday was that the Substance Alchemist beta is now available for subscribers. This program lets creators easily make new substances using either photos or existing substances… or both with an easy-to-use interface.

This amazing tool will help artists and SineSpace creators to make and remix materials easily. After I get more of a chance to play with the tool I will probably post my own tutorial on Alchemist, but in the meantime check out this great demo posted by the Substance team…

Beyond Alchemist

In addition to the Alchemist launch, Allegorithmic had other news. Since they recently joined Adobe, they have rebranded as Substance by Adobe. They couldn’t say whether Substance would become a part of Creative Cloud or comment on other aspects of the acquisition. They did assure users that the Substance team isn’t going anywhere. In addition, perpetual licenses holders will continue to receive support and updates.

The team also teased the next major releases of Substance Painter and Substance Designer, both of which are due next month. They also talked about enhancements to Substance Source and announced a new set of materials by Javier Perez. They also launched… a launcher!

Substance Launcher

This new stand-alone app is available now. It gives you a single icon for your computer’s dock that lets you access all the apps and Substance Source. Additionally, you can more easily connect with their blog posts and the excellent training they make available on Substance Academy.

Sine the Launcher app is a free download and requires no subscription, it does not appear on the ‘licenses’ page for existing Substance subscribers. To get it, users click on the Get Substance button at the top right of the site, and then can easily find it at the top of the download page

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