Adjusting Attachments in SineSpace

This tutorial walks you through adjusting attachments in SineSpace. Most clothing is ‘rigged’ for automatic fitting and resizing. You put it on, and it just works. As you change your avatar shape and size, the clothing adjusts to fit. Attachments work a little differently. Automatic resizing doesn’t work as well on stuff like hats and necklaces. Depending on the choice of hairstyle or shirts and jackets, they won’t look right. Creators can set those items up as ‘unrigged’ giving you control of how it fits.

Aside from showing you how to easily adjust attachments in SineSpace, the tutorial shows how to save your outfit. When I recorded the video, the snapshot tool was also brand new. I couldn’t help myself, and as s a result I had to include a demonstration of how to use it. Using desktop client version 17.09.29.

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