BlakOpal announces move to SineSpace

California, USA — September 15, 2017 BlakOpal Designs, acclaimed creators of virtual fashions and wearable art in Second Life since 2008, have announced that they will be scaling back operations in Second Life and move o SineSpace to concentrate their efforts on creating content in the next-generation virtual world.

BlakOpal Explores
Exploring SineSpace

The Appeal of Advanced Features and Accessibility

Stunning graphics, cloth physics, and trees moving in the wind drew BlakOpal artists Pani Page and Trilo Byte to SineSpace. Nearly a year later, they are enthusiastic about developer Sine Wave Entertainment’s commitment to accessibility. 

As Trilo explains, “There are a few next-generation worlds in development, but they all seem limited in the number of platforms they support – some are even PC-only.  We think future worlds should be open to everyone, regardless of the computer or device they use.  SineSpace supports Mac, PC, Linux, and web now, and is working on clients for iOS, Android, and even users with VR headsets.”

BlakOpal Designs Shoppe, 2017
BlakOpal Designs, September 2017

BlakOpal and Trilo discovered SineSpace in 2016, and began testing the waters immediately. As the world has grown and developed, the artists were spending all their free time working on SineSpace. They were also able to work with the SineSpace development team to help make SineSpace better for all users.  Consequently, it made sense to scale back in Second Life. 

Save on the Second Life Marketplace

Scaling back does not mean disappearing from Second Life altogether.  While the in-world shoppe locations will close, BlakOpal Designs outfits will continue to be available on the Second Life Marketplace, and will likely see some reduced prices along the way. 

Check out the Lovelace Dress with Cloth Physics in SineSpace

BlakOpal Designs on the Second Life Marketplace

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