How To Preserve Your Project Settings

If you have been experiencing your Unity Project Settings getting changed after installing a new version of SineSpace Editor Pack, then this post is just for you. This pro tip will show you how to preserve your project settings when you update.

Quick And Easy

It really is super simple. After you click on Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package (as shown) and then navigate to your downloaded Editor Pack. After you chose to import it, the package will unpack and a separate dialog box will pop up.

Setting up Post Processing V2 in SineSpace

In the Import Unity Package dialog box, look for the scroll bar handle at the upper right.

Preserve Your Project Settings

Grab that handle and drag it all the way to the bottom, as shown by the arrow in the image below. From there, simply untick the checkbox for the ProjectSettings folder (as shown below in the circled area).

Preserve Your Project Settings

That’s It!

Now when you click on Import, the SineSpace Editor Pack won’t overwrite your files and you can preserve your project settings. Many thanks to Adam Frisby at SineSpace for showing me this trick.

If you’re brand new to creating content for SineSpace and still need help with the basics, check out this tutorial on getting started. It will help you get set up to use the Unity Editor to prepare and upload your creations to the SineSpace servers. Check the SineSpace Youtube channel for tutorials, and you can also watch this space for more tutorials in the future!

If you have questions or comments, then please post in the comments below! If you want personal help or private training, please see this post. Good luck with your projects!

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