this is not that sort of operation

Not That Sort Of Operation

I can appreciate that some people are interested in me providing them with free personal, private 1-on-1 training, instruction, and assistance… but as Sparkle Kitty says in the poster above, this is not that sort of operation. If you would like to hire me for your project, then by all means let’s talk. Please use …

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new phone who dis

New Blog, Who Dis?

If you follow me in other social spaces and gotten blasted with notifications, I apologize. I’m setting up the new blog, stuff goes out, bells start going off. I didn’t want it to happen, but I guess the site got excited and did it anyway. I’ve had the sites and domains for a while, however …

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SineSpace Blog Feature

SineSpace Blog Feature

BlakOpal Designs has been featured on the SineSpace company blog!  Our clothing has been featured in numerous ads, but this is the first time we’ve gotten this kind of shout-out. We have been very enthusiastic about the platform since the start, and are honored to have our work featured on their blog. Our journey on SineSpace …

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Deluxe Holiday Tree

Deluxe Holiday Tree in SineSpace

The SineSpace store picture doesn’t do it justice. The deluxe holiday tree is a christmas tree with stand, reflective ornaments and gold star at the top… and lights! This clip shows it off in-world as well as demonstrates how to place in your room and turn the lights on and off. You can also check out …

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Change Gender in SineSpace

Changing gender in SineSpace

If you like to mix things up, roleplay, or just simply buy gifts for friends who are a different gender, it can be confusing. Have no fear, changing genders in SineSpace is easy, this video will show you how!

Substance Tutorial

Using Substances with SineSpace

Building a region for SineSpace is easy at first, but can get complicated quickly. There is a lot to learn, and as you add items the filesize of your region quickly starts to expand. Learning to use substances with SineSpace is a great way to keep your region size under control, and is definitely worth …

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Attachment Tutorial

Adjusting Attachments in SineSpace

This tutorial walks you through adjusting attachments in SineSpace. Most clothing is ‘rigged’ for automatic fitting and resizing. You put it on, and it just works. As you change your avatar shape and size, the clothing adjusts to fit. Attachments work a little differently. Automatic resizing doesn’t work as well on stuff like hats and …

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BlakOpal Explores

BlakOpal announces move to SineSpace

California, USA — September 15, 2017 BlakOpal Designs, acclaimed creators of virtual fashions and wearable art in Second Life since 2008, have announced that they will be scaling back operations in Second Life and move o SineSpace to concentrate their efforts on creating content in the next-generation virtual world. The Appeal of Advanced Features and Accessibility …

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