Eridu Society Background Info Posters

Over the years, Eridu Society‘s camp art installations at Burning Man became more popular and we had increasing numbers of visitors each year. One of the unique challenges we had with the camp is that nobody knew what the name meant, and people were interested to know more. The Eridu Society Background Info Posters were a way share some of that background information.

I also love making signs and poster art. Whether it’s a public service announcement, notice, a piece of high resolution art or informational, I see them as additional opportunities to have fun and make art.

I enjoy chatting with people about the project, and I have a tendency to ramble. By the time we got to the middle of the week, I was losing my voice. In 2014 (and again in 2015), I decided to try and solve the problem with art. I created a series of Eridu Society background info posters. It was an opportunity for more art as well as more depth. They went way beyond answering basic questions (and included a lot of cuneiform translation).

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