Whale Watching Cruise

Whale Watching Cruise Poster

Whale Watching Cruise – a 36 inch by 48 inch art poster. Unfortunately the project didn’t come together, and we never got to use the poster.

Our plan was to reuse Alien Seed, Fertility 7.0, Dia De Los Quemadures, Retrocausality, Infinite Connections, The Magnificent Simulacra, Aquatica, and Cacotopia posters from 2015 to decorate the Brainy Bar lounge space in 2016. We got a lot of positive feedback on them, and felt they would work nicely in the space. We wanted to supplement them with some new pieces.

When things didn’t work out with the land yacht I was very disappointed. I still love the detail and wish we got to use the poster. I was the art director, Pani pushed all the pixels.

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