Cacotopia, 2015

Cacotopia – a 36 inch by 48 inch art poster. It was made as part of the Carnival Of Space & Time installation for Eridu Society at Burning Man in 2015. The event’s theme that year was Carnival Of Mirrors. We wanted to play on that, but ultimately decided to use it for our own art theme. Eridu Society often works elements of steampunk and time travel into its installations. The premise was that members of the camp had traveled to future Burning Man events and brought back the art theme posters to delight and inspire. Click here to check out art theme posters current and past.

Cacotopia is a real word, it comes from the idea of a cacophonous utopia where everything has gone completely wrong. The original idea was to create a poster that paid homage to Mad Max or its sequel The Road Warrior. However, early in the project it became clear that George Miller would finally finish and release Fury Road. As a result, we headed in a different direction and envisioned our own futuristic dystopia. It involved the cats of the internet taking over in steampunk style. I was art director on the project, Pani pushed all the pixels.

You can find our steampunk kitty on some fun items we’ve made available here. All proceeds help us to offset the costs of making more art, even more they help us pay for future expeditions to the Black Rock Desert.

Check out the other posters in this series – Alien Seed, Fertility 7.0, Dia De Los Quemadures, Retrocausality, Infinite Connections, The Magnificent Simulacra, and Aquatica.

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