Retrocausality, 2015

Retrocausality- a 36 inch by 48 inch art poster. It was made as part of the Carnival Of Space & Time installation for Eridu Society at Burning Man in 2015. The event’s theme that year was Carnival Of Mirrors. We wanted to play on that, but ultimately decided to use it for our own art theme. Eridu Society loves working elements of steampunk and time travel into its installations, and this year was no exception. The premise was that members of the camp had traveled to future Burning Man events. Then we brought back the art theme posters to delight and inspire. Click here to check out art theme posters current and past.

This poster explores the concept of the future helping to determine the past. In addition, it lets us riff on retro-futurism in a big way. This played perfectly into Eridu Society’s time travel theme, as a result the piece featured a 3D rendering of the Ziggurati installation that was making its final appearance in 2015. I was art director on the project, Pani and I collaborated on this particular piece. I also need to give a shout-out to photographer Neil Girling, who graciously allowed us to use one of his amazing photos of fire dancers in the piece.

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