Deluxe Holiday Tree in SineSpace

The SineSpace store picture doesn’t do it justice. The deluxe holiday tree is a christmas tree with stand, reflective ornaments and gold star at the top… and lights! This clip shows it off in-world as well as demonstrates how to place in your room and turn the lights on and off. You can also check out this post for more info on placing and moving furniture.

Advanced Materials Are Amazing

In addition to what we make for virtual worlds, BlakOpal and I make a wide variety of art in the real and digital worlds. We love working with different tools and materials. We love how light shines, illuminates, and reflects off different surfaces. We’ve both worked on projects with photo-realistic materials. In the past, that required a lot of additional work to set up, plus specialized software and a lot of time to render.

Previous generation worlds like Second Life made an effort to support advanced materials, but fell short of a truly PBR (physically based rendering) model. It was pretty good at the time, but largely revolved around tricks (like baked lighting) that content creators would pull to force an item to look like it was in a particular environment. The results looked great in certain places, but not so great everywhere else.

SineSpace and Unity do support PBR, so our advanced materials render accurately in real-time. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, in a brightly lit room or dimly light nightclub, whether the lights are white or colored, the piece will look like it is actually in that environment.

The SineSpace camera controls leave a lot to be desired, as a result you need to forgive the crudeness of the video. We hope they will improve the camera controls soon. The video was recorded in SineSpace client app, version 2018 10b31

The tree is available now in-world, you can buy it for yourself or get it as a gift for a friend.

Deluxe Holiday Tree

Deluxe Holiday Tree
Click the star to turn lights on (and click the base to turn them off)
Shiny Ornaments
Metallic ornaments reflect the surroundings
Complete With Star On Top
Colored lights are also reflected on the ornaments
Deluxe Holiday Tree
Deluxe Holiday Tree

I really enjoyed making this piece, and I use it to decorate my virtual home and spaces. I hope you enjoy it too!

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