Brainy Bot Tee

White On Red

Super comfy men’s tee shirt featuring Brainy Bar’s Brainy Bot design. Features advanced materials.

The Brainy Bar is my theme camp at the Burning Man arts & culture festival held each year in northwest Nevada. The camp is a collection of artists, makers, creatives and adventurous types. We not only build our camp infrastructure, but we build a bar and lounge space for fellow Burning Man participants. It’s a lot of fun, but is also a huge and expensive undertaking – all proceeds go towards supplies for Brainy Bar’s real world adventures.

With Burning Man’s art theme of I, Robot we were inspired to re-imagine our Brainy Bar artwork. I wanted a robot with a visible brain, or Brainy Bot if you will. I played art director on the project, and suggested a visual mashup.  Frits Lang‘s 1927 film Metropolis is such a classic, and the Maschinemensch gynoid in the film is unforgettable. In less time than it took to describe it in detail, BlakOpal had a rough draft of the Brainy Bot. 

She went through a number of minor revisions to get to the final version. Then we then set about working the design up for stickers, shirts (as well as virtual shirts like this one), laser-etched tag.

Available Now

The Brainy Bot Tee is available now in SineSpace (click here to preview it on the SineSpace web shop). You can buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend. I know, it is an awful lot of shirt and design color options. I think they all look great, and you can pick the one that’s best for your look.

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