Reasonably Good Chance Of Survival

Reasonably Good Chance Of Survival
Reasonably Good Chance Of Survival, 2011

Reasonably Good Chance Of Survival – a poster I created with Pani (along with Public Service Announcement). We were looking for a way to bring our cats with us to the desert. In spirit, of course, the Black Rock Desert is no place for our furry friends. It was part of the Steampunk Airship Outpost theme camp art for Eridu Society at Burning Man in 2011.

We didn’t build any airships, and our concept on the project all along was to have built this lost outpost that was looking for airships. In that funny ‘only at Burning Man’ kind of way, we wound up having three airships (that we know of) passing by the camp.


We are both big fans of steampunk, as well as style mashups in general. This let us combine that with Burning Man and also work one of our furry friends into the creative process. Reasonably Good Chance Of Survival also helped fill in some of the the airship outpost’s backstory. We had decided that the top hat wearing cat was the airship controlleur who had sent the expedition to the wrong location in the first place. Whenever a decision of his came into question, it was dismissed with a “don’t worry, there is a reasonably good chance of survival.” Admittedly, it was a terrible backstory, but made for some running jokes that amused us throughout the design and build process.

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