Explorer’s Club Poster

Explorer’s Club – a 36 inch by 48 inch art poster. It was made as part of the lounge space decor art for the Brainy Bar at Burning Man in 2019.

Explorers Club Poster
Explorer’s Club, 2019

Our 2019 plans call for one of our most ambitious front-of-house builds yet. We will not only be expanding the space significantly, but giving it a victorian steampunk theme. Subsequently, that means retiring our future art theme posters and coming up with some new pieces. I’m very excited about the Explorer’s Club poster.

We have a couple existing pieces to re-use. For instance, the Reasonably Good Chance Of Survival and Public Service Announcement posters are a perfect fit. Our camp has always been something of an explorer’s club, and we’ve been playing with steampunk and time travel themes for years. Riffing on the idea of time-traveling airships visiting our steampunk airship outpost and lounge space, Pani came up with teh Explorer’s Club poster. I had little to no involvement in this piece as I’ve been busy with structure design (and will post about that soon). This one is all Pani, and totally amazing.

A Bit More Background

For those unfamiliar with the camp, Brainy Bar is a watering hole for big thinkers.  It was created by Eridu Society – a Burning Man camp, art collective and explorer’s club.  In an effort to focus on and have more fun with the Brainy Bar idea, the camp changed its name.  Yes, Eridu Society continues to exist and get up to plenty of nonsense on and off the playa. The Explorer’s Club poster art is a nod to Eridu Society, featuring the Eridu icon in its design.

We are a motley group of designers, builders, and makers who are fans of steampunk, time travel, history, science fiction, and whimsy.  Members of The Brainy Bar/Eridu Society have been participating in the Burning Man event since as far back as 1996.

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