Fertile Minds Idea Deli Posters

Fertile Minds Idea Deli Posters – a series of 8 art posters. They were cooked up with Pani & Eris. This was part of the Eridu Society Fertile Minds Idea Deli camp art installation for Burning Man 2012. The new build would be a bold departure from the retro-futuristic look of the Steampunk Airship Outpost. Instead of pieces like Reasonably Good Chance Of Survival and Public Service Announcement, we wanted a new look. We wanted a campy, whimsical look that would really make the Fertile Minds Idea Deli pop. We printed and hung the posters on the back wall behind the counter.

For the project as a whole, I was going for a very 1940’s to 1950’s Americana look. The classic diner and delicatessen style became popular then, and just kind of resonated through the second half of the 20th century. There was a big, curvy deli case. We also had a shade structure with red & white valance awning. On top of that, we had even painted four large street scene murals on either side of the main area. The deli counter and structures set the stage, and then the Fertile Minds Idea Deli posters helped create the perfect atmosphere.

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