Not That Sort Of Operation

this is not that sort of operation

I can appreciate that some people are interested in me providing them with free personal, private 1-on-1 training, instruction, and assistance… but as Sparkle Kitty says in the poster above, this is not that sort of operation.

If you would like to hire me for your project, then by all means let’s talk. Please use the contact form to provide me with your info, as well as to talk about the details of your project. Consulting fees will vary depending on the particulars of the project (but typically start at $150 per hour). If you need help with a purchase of one of my items, then by all means use the contact form and reach out.

You don’t need to address it to me or tag me in your post, just put it out there

If you’ve landed here for some other reason and have questions, that’s okay too – just know the right place to ask. If you’re participating on a message board, chat room, Discord server or other community space, then simply post your question to that group. You don’t need to address it to me or tag me in your post, just put it out there. In most communities (at least in the communities that I participate in), if somebody is around or comes in later and sees a question that they have an answer to and they have the time, they will chime in with an answer or try to point you in the right direction.

Use the comments

Another great place to ask a question or make a request is to use the comments section on an blog post or article that I’ve posted. I can respond there or privately, as well as take the comment into consideration when planning future posts. I might have missed or skipped a step, not gone into enough detail on something confusing, or the process for doing something might have changed significantly that it’s worth the time to post an update – your feedback there helps.

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