Rim Shader Avatar Skins

I’m excited to share a couple videos that show off the new Rim Shader Avatar Skins from Trilo Byte Design. This is part of my 300 Series of avatar skins. They’re artistic and suitable for everything from shop mannequins to NPC’s. You can also use the skins for use in crowds and background characters.

Very Special Effects

These rim shader avatar skins are built around a very special shader that makes use of what’s called rim or side lighting. This is a fancy photography technique for adding and playing up the side lighting on a subject. Check out this great article at the New York Institute of Photography for a more in-depth explanation.

My intention was to create something exotic and artful, and I think these skins tick all the boxes. Furthermore there are three sets (with dark, medium, and light base colors) of five color hues represented. As a result that should offer a wide range of possibilities for use in role-playing, fashion, shopping, or just background characters in large spaces.

Recorded In-World

These clips wer recorded in the Studio 1 region template. The female rim shader avatar skins clip features pieces from the Luscious Pirate Outfit, the Stiletto Boots, and also the Crescent Hoop Earrings from BlakOpal Designs. The male avatar video features the BlakOpal Benton Leather Pants and also the Oxford Shoes. It was recorded in-world using the SineSpace 2019.1b49 client.

Rim Shader Avatar Skins

Rim Shader Avatar Skins Are Available Now

All these avatar skins and several more are available now. You can find them using the Shop button in the SineSpace client. You can also find them in the SineSpace web shop, but I won’t bombard you with individual links. Furthermore, you can either buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

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