Pearson Brocade Jacket

Pearson Brocade Jacket

Check out the new Pearson Brocade Jacket from BlakOpal Designs! Turn heads when you enter in this metallic brocade dress jacket. Offset with contrasting collar and pocket flaps. Buttoned in the front, and falls to the hip. Features high quality model, advanced materials, and cloth physics (where available). Fantastic, smart and sharp as ever! Advanced …

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Cyber Week 2019

Cyber Week 2019 SineSpace Deals

Check out these great Cyber Week 2019 SineSpace Deals from BlakOpal Designs and Trilo Byte Design. Two deep discount deals that will only be available through Cyber Week, and also two special bundles that are only available through Christmas. Updated Monday 2nd December – We’ve extended the special offers! Bundle Up For Free! The first …

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Studio 1 Photographer's Region Template

Studio 1 Photographer’s Region Template

I am very excited to have finally gotten the chance to finish and release the Studio 1 Photographer’s Region Template. First and foremost, it is a region that I have wanted and needed to build for myself for a while. What’s more, I think this region is a great tool for creators and photographers alike. …

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How To Create Regions

How To Create Regions

New SineSpace users need to know that everybody starts out with a FREE region. Coming from a previous generation world where having your own personal space required either pricey subscriptions, rentals or both – that’s huge! I wanted to put together a quick tutorial to show you how to create regions, how to swap a …

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DexSoft Talks About Making Vehicles

DexSoft Talks About Making Vehicles

Over at 80 Level, DexSoft founder Dejan Cicic talks about making vehicles. It’s an interesting interview, he talks about the process of modeling and texturing as well as making them for SineSpace. He’s got some great advice for makers who are just starting out. Watching your poly count, creating LOD models and being mindful of …

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Speedtree 8.4 For Games

Speedtree 8.4 for Games

IDV has released Speedtree 8.4 for Games on Mac & Windows platforms. That includes updates for the various game engine flavors – even Unity. Users can grab that from the Downloads page once they log into their account. In case you missed my previous posts (here and here), Speedtree 8 is compatible with Unity 2018.3 …

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SineSpace Griefer Problem

SineSpace Has Created A Griefer Problem (Updated)

In a perfect example of shady marketing gone wrong, SineSpace has created a griefer problem. Griefing is a problem anywhere, but this is worse. It’s a much bigger problem when it comes to a developing world with a much smaller population. The screen shots of in-world chat logs above and below should give you an …

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