Multiverse Pavilion for Burning Man 2020

Burning Man Multiverse Pavilion

This is pretty awesome news, and certainly worth passing on to you. In a post on the Burning Man Journal, Burning Man finally revealed the man base design for 2020. The Multiverse Pavilion is from artist and architect Kate Greenberg. Kate also created the Trace and Chronosydra installations in previous years.

Today’s Multiverse Pavilion announcement joins previous announcements about Empyrean (the Temple) and 2020 art theme of The Multiverse. While I loved last year’s design, I really like what I’m seeing in this concept art. I love the bubble universe motif. The Multiverse Pavilion is a grand structure and so should make for a great burn!

“A multiverse may be the coexistence of multiple universes separated by space, time, or dimension. We may exist in one, some, or all of these simultaneously; however, we continue to find ourselves at the center of that which we call our general reality. When we look beyond what we know about this reality, perhaps to find something larger than ourselves, we can’t help but also seek to find humanity in the vastness of this expanding all.

As a concept for the 2020 Man Pavilion, this wood structure represents five bubble universes held in suspended animation at the center of the Burning Man Multiverse. Four entry portals form connections like cosmic wormholes, and reveal the interstitial Space that is holding all possible futures and realities in quantum constellation.

The fifth cardinal direction connects to the Man. Through this portal, a mirrored man reaches down. Looking up, you are mirrored back.

In this Multiverse, YOU are the Man. The Man is YOU.

You are the true centrifuge for your experience, and your energy has the power to expand this universe as you know it.” 

Kate Greenberg

Art, Technology & Virtual Worlds

For those coming from the world of technology and virtual worlds, Burning Man is probably the closest thing you can get to building a virtual world in the real one. It’s no secret that Burning Man inspired Second Life. Second Life continues to have in-world Burning Man events, and I’ve built a virtual Black Rock Desert in SineSpace (check out a dust storm test here). I am still blown away by the amazing pieces and performances at the real-world event. This year’s Multiverse Pavilion is no exception.

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