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Motion Capture Dance

Motion Capture Dance

A fun and flirty motion capture dance animation. Details include hand and finger movements. 3 minutes 10 seconds in length, and plays smoothly in a loop. The video above was shot in my Italian Courtyard region and showcases the TBD 101 animation nicely. The video as well as the photos on this page showcase a …

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Catch Me At GDC

Catch Me At GDC 2019

If you’re in San Francisco for this year’s annual Game Developer’s Conference, you can catch me at GDC 2019. On Tuesday, I plan to hit a few of the Unity and Substance Developer Days sessions as well as explore the show floor. On Thursday, BlakOpal and I plan on exploring the show floor during the …

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Brainy Bot Tee

Brainy Bot Tee

Super comfy men’s tee shirt featuring Brainy Bar’s Brainy Bot design. Features advanced materials. The Brainy Bar is my theme camp at the Burning Man arts & culture festival held each year in northwest Nevada. The camp is a collection of artists, makers, creatives and adventurous types. We not only build our camp infrastructure, but …

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Italian Courtyard Home and Region

Italian Courtyard Home And Region

I’m pleased to announce that my Italian Courtyard home and region template is now available. This is a beautiful courtyard surrounded by luscious natural space. Supports Room Editor for furniture placement and user selectable lighting. If you visited the BlakOpal’s Courtyard region in-world in 2018, you may be familiar with the build. At the time, …

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Solar Panels and Arrays

Solar Panels and Arrays

As an early foray into furniture and decor, I immediately thought of making solar panels. I wanted to make something that could be placed on a rooftop or in an adjacent yard. These solar panels and arrays fit the bill, since I could imagine using them in lots of places. Buildings, rooftops, deserts, on a …

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Fairfield Deluxe Home

Fairfield Deluxe Home & Region

Introducing the Fairfield deluxe home & region, a template you can use for your personal space in SineSpace! I worked on this project for quite some time. I wanted to make something people could customize as much as possible. Plus I wanted to take advantage of some of the really cool technology in Unity and …

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It's About Time

It’s About Time

It’s About Time – a 36 inch by 48 inch art poster. It was made as part of the lounge space decor for the Brainy Bar at Burning Man in 2016. Our plan was to reuse Alien Seed, Fertility 7.0, Dia De Los Quemadures, Retrocausality, Infinite Connections, The Magnificent Simulacra, Aquatica, and Cacotopia posters from …

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Moving Things Around

Moving Things Around

It only seems like yesterday that I posted New Blog, Who Dis but it has been nearly a month. Here I am again, moving things around. What’s up with that? As Pani and I started food blogging, we came upon a realization. Putting virtual fashions and recipes on the same site was probably a terrible …

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Tropical Enclave Work In Progress

Tropical Enclave Work In Progress

The blog has been quiet, but I have been busy lately. Aside from work on the BlakOpal site, there has been a fair amount of mad science. I’ve also been working on a new tutorial or two to join the ranks of How To Send A Gift, How To Change Gender, Using Substances, and others. …

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