Solar Panels and Arrays

Rooftop solar installation in SineSpace
Rooftop solar installation

As an early foray into furniture and decor, I immediately thought of making solar panels. I wanted to make something that could be placed on a rooftop or in an adjacent yard. These solar panels and arrays fit the bill, since I could imagine using them in lots of places. Buildings, rooftops, deserts, on a lunar or martian landscape and in a number of other places.

I knew from the start that this was not going to be one-size-fits-all. You install solar panels as-is on an angled rooftop. It’s a different story when it comes to installing onto a flat roof or on the ground. I ended up going with a few different options, and then started playing with the surfaces. I had been fooling around with the materials for a while, and came up with something that I think looks a lot like a real panel would.

Solar Panel materials

Large Solar Array for powering buildings and large scale projects. Medium Solar Array for powering homes, buildings and projects. Small Solar Array for powering homes, buildings and small projects. Single Solar Panel for powering small projects, can easily be duplicated for larger projects (such as an angled rooftop). Check out all four sitting in the yard of the Fairfield home and region in the image below.

Solar Panels and Arrays

Features high quality physically based rendering materials. You can place them as furniture using Edit Room button. Move, rotate and adjust the scale, and simply click on the Duplicate button to keep adding panel (your purchase lets you place multiple copies of the item). These solar panels and arrays can add a great touch to any region.

Solar Panels room editor
You can place panels in the SineSpace Room Editor

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