The ExoGenesis Project

I have been playing around with several different ideas for region builds on alien planets for some time. When SineSpace announced the Out Of This World Creator Challenge in September, it felt like time to step things up. I wanted to do something a little more special. I call it the ExoGenesis Project, taking the name from from the space rock symphony on Muse’s album The Resistance.

I added those tracks along with several other inspirational pieces from a few different artists into a playlist and set to work.

Just Add Culture

Astronomy and astrology are filled with place names of many different backgrounds. One culture that doesn’t have much representation is Sumerian. That isn’t because the people of Sumer weren’t interested in the stars or had their stories – it’s because this early civilization’s history was mostly lost. As creator of Eridu Society, I have done a fair bit of research into this lost history. I wanted to explore these ideas. Some history still exists in other forms (a lot of Sumerian history became Akkadian and Babylonian myths and legends), I’m eager to play with that on the ExoGenesis Project.

Exogenesis Wallpaper
Exogenesis Wallpaper from

Sumer For The Win

Early Sumerians didn’t have gods in the traditional sense (people who lived in the sky, or only appeared as visions), they were beings that came from the skies and walked and talked and lived among them. Specifically, they came to Earth from an as-yet-undiscovered planet called Nibiru. Before that, they came from the Pleiades. The idea of leaving Earth to look for a new home in a place humanity may have come from… sounds like a perfect backstory.

I chose the star Electra, and decided that with the ExoGenesis Project, I wanted to make several planets. Many of the spacecraft we’ve sent through our own solar system have explored several planets and moons on their journey, so it stands to reason that if we sent a mission to Electra it would try and explore whatever it could. I have several different build ideas in mind. The first one I’ve released is called Erial Wastelands – it’s a large scale cratered wasteland.. I followed that up with the Tirana Rainbow Forest. With an extended deadline on the Creator Challenge, I had time to build the Izi Sig Volcano World – my most ambitious region project to date.


The ExoGenesis Project is not just about creating worlds, but creating environments that users can turn into whatever they want. SineSpace and the tools they provide in the Editor Pack help to make that easy. You can find video tutorials on installing the Editor Packs here. I am not just building these worlds as regions to explore, but as region templates that any user could use. From there, they could turn it into a home, a nightclub, a backdrop for games and adventure.

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