Levant Suit Update

After a fair amount of slaving over hot pixels (and polygons), I am very pleased to announce that our Levant Suit Update is now available. Thanks to the innovative way SineSpace updates work, all our customers automatically receive the improved versions at no additional charge.

Areas Of Improvement

There are two main areas of improvement on all three pieces in the Levant Suit update – the model and the materials. The Levant Suit has always started out with high quality models, and then the SineSpace wearable LOD system serves up the best version of the model for your machine’s capabilities and the environment you’re in. With this update, we’ve re-done the different quality models to make them look better and be as efficient as possible.

Long before BlakOpal and I started working together in 2006, our design backgrounds conditioned us to work in higher resolutions than we needed to for a specific project. Whether it’s professional or personal, we try to work in the highest resolution we can… within reason. Gigapixel-sized renders of fractals for iPhone and desktop wallpapers? Yeah, I’ve been there a few times.

2K Material Above, 4K Material Below

The Levant Suit is no exception. When we create our brocades and patterns, we do so at much higher resolution than we need to. Then we scale it down to something that’s reasonable for the platform we’re making the piece for. SineSpace has been a great platform for us as artists. Making use of the Unity engine, they’re able to support high quality content, while at the same time not overwhelming users on lower end machines, or having painfully long load times.

So Many Pixels

In 2020, SineSpace is planning on adding 4K materials support (after lots of work and testing behind the scenes). Users on more powerful machines with lots of graphics memory will be able to see more detail than ever before – certainly better than any previous virtual world. Four times more detail than we’ve been able to use in SineSpace, and 16-64 times more than we could use on our creations in Second Life. And we’re going to get to share that with people! The Levant Outfit update adds 4K materials, so as soon as the SineSpace update comes out you’ll have it.

The Magic Of Cloth Physics

The Levant Jacket is extra special. On that piece, we’ve gone back and completely re-worked how cloth physics works. It was a fun piece to wear before, but I wanted to take everything I’ve learned over the last few years and go back to the drawing board to make the front corners and coat tails look even better. Check out the video above, it looks great whether you’re walking or dancing.

Available Now in SineSpace

This Levant Suit Update is available now. Customers who already own any of the colors or pieces will get the update automatically. There is no need to visit an updater kiosk or remove old versions from your inventory. If you’re shopping now, you’ll just get that new version. You will also get any updates and tweaks that we release in the future. Look for BlakOpal Designs in the SineSpace web shop or when shopping in-world, or come visit us at the BlakOpal region in-world.

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