Brainy Bot 2018 Tags

Brainy Bot 2018 Tags

The Brainy Bot tags are some of my favorite pieces from 2018. With Burning Man’s art theme of I, Robot we were inspired to re-imagine our Brainy Bar artwork. I wanted a robot with a visible brain, or Brainy Bot if you will. I played art director on the project, and suggested a visual mashup.  Frits Lang‘s 1927 film Metropolis is such a classic, and the Maschinemensch gynoid in the film is unforgettable. In less time than it took to describe it in detail, Pani had a rough draft of the Brainy Bot. 

She went through a number of minor revisions to get to the final version. Then we then set about working the design up for stickers, shirts (and even virtual shirts), and cool gifts like these laser-etched tags. Some are made with anodized aluminum, and the real stunner is made from a fluorescent colored translucent acrylic. The material enables it to catch and ‘electrify’ using any UV light in the area.

Fun With Lasers

Pani and I have been working with laser cutters since 2010. After hundreds of hours on several different machines at our local makerspace, we were finally able to get a laser in our studio. The makerspace was a great place to get started, but it was difficult to get enough time on the machine for us to fine tune our designs. The Brainy Bot 2018 Tags are a great example of the benefits of having regular access. It took us several adjustments to get the settings dialed in so the acrylic tag really pops in ultra-violet light.

Brainy Bot Tag
Close-up of an early version of the acrylic tag

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