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SineSpace Answering Questions on Reddit Today

SineSpace Answering Questions on Reddit Today

Sorry for the short notice… well, more like no advance notice… but SineSpace is Answering Questions on Reddit today in an Ask Me Anything event. Now, in fact, through 10AM PST. Go here to connect with the event and ask questions of Sine Wave Entertainment’s Chief Technical Officer and SineSpace lead developer Adam Frisby. As …

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A Word About Bleeding Edges

A Word About Bleeding Edges

Yesterday, Unity released a minor update to Unity 2018.3. It got me a little excited, I hoped that it and possibly some updates to the SineSpace Editor Pack and client application would help push the latest version from ‘exotic’ (a term I’ll explain later) to stable. As I started figuring out how I would structure …

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Build Kill Repeat

Win $5000 in a FPS Map Contest

SineSpace is seeking custom FPS (first person shooter) maps using their new BKR (Build Kill Repeat) combat system. They’re offering potential rewards for participation, and so you could win $5000 in a FPS map contest. Winners will be selected by legendary game designer Erik Wolpaw. He’s been involved in Psychonauts, Half Life 2, Portal 1 …

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SineSpace is now on the Unity Asset Store

SineSpace is now on the Unity Asset Store

Another great announcement at this week’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco is that SineSpace is now available on the Unity Asset Store. This makes it easier for Unity developers and content creators to get their hands on the SineSpace Editor Pack. With it, they can bring their existing creations to SineSpace as well as …

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Catch Me At GDC

Catch Me At GDC 2019

If you’re in San Francisco for this year’s annual Game Developer’s Conference, you can catch me at GDC 2019. On Tuesday, I plan to hit a few of the Unity and Substance Developer Days sessions as well as explore the show floor. On Thursday, BlakOpal and I plan on exploring the show floor during the …

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Rogue Pirate Coat by BlakOpal Designs

Rogue Pirate Coat

The Rogue Pirate Coat from BlakOpal Designs an open front Pirate coat with leather and mesh detailing, large cuffs, and also soft coat tails. It features a high quality model and uses advanced materials. In addition, the Rogue Pirate Coat features cloth physics where available. As a result, coat tails will move wth your avatar …

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Brainy Bot Tee

Brainy Bot Tee

Super comfy men’s tee shirt featuring Brainy Bar’s Brainy Bot design. Features advanced materials. The Brainy Bar is my theme camp at the Burning Man arts & culture festival held each year in northwest Nevada. The camp is a collection of artists, makers, creatives and adventurous types. We not only build our camp infrastructure, but …

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