Extra Pattern System Tutorial

Clothing Extra Pattern System Tutorial

Do you want to make multiple variations of your clothing in SineSpace? If so, then this clothing extra pattern system tutorial is for you. Creators have had a way to apply different colors and even PBR materials maps to clothing items since 2017. It’s a little bit of extra work to learn this step, but …

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BlakOpal Antilles Pirate

Antilles Pirate Outfit

Presenting the Antilles Pirate Outfit from BlakOpal Designs. Whether you’re plundering the Caribbean or sailing the seven seas this outfit will let you do it in style! The pieces are available as separates or there are a couple complete outfit bundles. The bundles are available in white-red or red-brown and come complete with 6 pieces: …

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Clothing Slots and Layers Guide

Clothing Slots and Layers Guide

When preparing a clothing item for upload to SineSpace, you need to make some choices in where the item will go and how the item will fit on the avatar. This clothing slots and layers guide will walk you through the process and help you understand what’s going on. That allows users to easily change …

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BlakOpal Luscious Pirate Outfit

Luscious Pirate Outfit

Check out the BlakOpal Designs Luscious Pirate Outfit in SineSpace. The outfit is made using several pieces: jacket, bustier, skirt, tattoo and gloves. The video also shows the red leather Thigh High Boots in motion. The jacket and skirt have cloth physics. Shown with stock SineSpace avatar, skin, hair, and animations. Advanced Materials Are Amazing In …

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BlakOpal mix and match clothing

BlakOpal Mix & Match Clothing

This mix and match clothing video showcases a number of BlakOpal Designs creations in motion. It also shows off the ability to mix and match clothing items in SineSpace (a virtual world built on the Unity engine). The clothing features PBR (physically based rendering) materials which look great in different lighting conditions. Some piece also feature cloth physics which …

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Bettie Outfit Corset Top in red

Bettie Outfit

Here’s a look at the Bettie Long Skirt in SineSpace with cloth physics. It’s part of the Bettie Outfit, but also available separately. Features high quality model and cloth physics (where available). As the clip below shows, the skirt moves and flows as you do. There are a few minor issues that you can see …

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Lovelace Outfit in SineSpace

Lovelace Outfit

Check out this clip of the Lovelace outfit in SineSpace! The video shows cloth physics in motion in the SineSpace virtual world. Shown with Stiletto Heel Boots and Silk Panties, and uses stock Sinewave avatar, skin, hair, and animations. The video was recorded and originally posted in 2017, using desktop client 2017 v0.2.22. Music: “Just …

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Mirabelle Wrap Dress

Mirabelle Wrap Dress

Here is a ‘work-in-progress’ clip that showed our Mirabelle Wrap Dress in motion in SineSpace. It was published on April 7, 2018 – the dress was finished and released later that month. Once SineSpace updates the client app to improve the camera controls, we plan on going back in-world to record another video. Advanced Materials …

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Vanguard Pirate Outfit

Vanguard Pirate Outfit

The Vanguard Pirate Outfit was one of the first pieces of menswear we created for SineSpace. We have updated it a time or two since then, and customers always get free automatic updates. We come from a world where updates are often tricky and complicated. As a result we love the idea of simple and automatic …

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Marisol Dress and Marla Boots in action

Marisol Party Dress in SineSpace

The Marisol party dress from BlakOpal Designs… A flirty little sequined party dress with bold graphics, designed to give a smile and turn heads. See it in motion above, and also scroll down for more info and to see the different versions. Created with shiny metallic sequins, as a result it glints and gleams as …

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