Month: April 2019

Dita Latex Outfit

Dita Latex Outfit

We are very pleased to present our Dita Latex Outfit. The skin-tight Dita late skirt and halter top is made out of slick and shimmery latex with contrasting details. The complete outfit includes skirt, top, and also panties for female avatars. High quality models provide even more detail on more powerful computers. Check the ensemble …

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Milestone Winner Announced

FPS Map Contest Milestone Winners Announced

Just as the deadline approached on the SineSpace FPS Map Contest, Sine Wave extended the deadline to the end of May. Subsequently, Milestone Prizes were created for entries submitted by the original deadline. Sine Wave announced the FPS Map Contest Milestone Winners this morning. Check out the post on the official blog. SineSpace got some …

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Our first official tweet

Our First Official Plug On Twitter

After more than 2 years and several milestones (first PBR clothing, first cloth physics, first user-created region with swappable materials, etc), we finally got our first official plug on Twitter on the SineSpace official account! The folks at Sine Wave have been very kind to us in the past. They have featured our work in …

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Chanteuse Dress

The BlakOpal Chanteuse Dress

The Chanteuse Dress from BlakOpal Designs is a spaghetti-strapped dress with a beautifully detailed waist-cincher bodice. It also has two luscious embroidered fabrics with a contrasting border. Below that is a draped apron-skirt of brocade satin with a ruffle hem. Furthermore, the apron is pulled up at the small of the back and falls in …

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Gilda Flapper Dress

Gilda Flapper Dress

The Gilda flapper dress is a roaring 1920’s styled beaded dress with contrasting velvet trim. Low-cut collar, and fringe panel hem make this a fun party dress. Features high quality model, advanced materials, and cloth physics (where available). Advanced Materials Are Amazing BlakOpal and I make a wide variety of art in the real and …

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New Unity Hub

New Unity Hub, Who Dis?

This week, Unity released version 2019.1. It is packed full of all kinds of features that sound really great as you read their blog post. They’re not wrong, those are some pretty cool features and with each update the Unity engine gets better and better. If you are working on content for SineSpace, however, you …

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SineSpace Answering Questions on Reddit Today

SineSpace Answering Questions on Reddit Today

Sorry for the short notice… well, more like no advance notice… but SineSpace is Answering Questions on Reddit today in an Ask Me Anything event. Now, in fact, through 10AM PST. Go here to connect with the event and ask questions of Sine Wave Entertainment’s Chief Technical Officer and SineSpace lead developer Adam Frisby. As …

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